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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tonight for my beer blog I have chosen a clasic american beer, Schmidts. I did a bit of reasearch into the Heileman brewing co. this powerhouse was purchased in the early nineties by strohs brewing co and then just recently purchasded by pabst brewing co. I have been an admirer of schmidts since my early teens and everytime I crack one open I can't help but think of forbiden communtions behind the locked door of my bedroom. Sometimes I would steal one or two a night and save them up untill I had about six and then power drink them. They say the ealier a person starts drinking the more likely they will develop a problem with alcohol. check your cause and efect ehh. Just another example of christian persecution,don't kid yourself they won't stop untill new york city looks like tehran. Sorry I 've digressed.
Anyways part of the reason I bought schmidts today is that last night we were at the eagle's club and Schmidts is the special for a buck twenty five a can (what a deal, think I'll go back tonight) And so last night I finaly made my peice with schmidts after a long standing feud. About four years ago schmidts decided to change their can. Changing the animal on the can is nothing new for schmidts, infact the cans change animals seasonaly. This time hower they changed the color scheme. This, was in my mind a grave violation of my childhood in line with releasing a version of "wooly willy" with a penis in his mouth. To make things worse the animal they selected to start this scheme was some kind of a wild cat. It had the efect of dressing up grandma in a florescent pink mini skirt and pushing her out onto the curb. bad bad taste.
Sorry, I digress, last night schimdts apologised, I accepted and life is good again. Three cheers to the old, the crippled, and the deranged !!!!


Blogger Bridger said...

When I was eighteen I blackmailed my boss into buying me beer, but he was worried someone would find out, so we arranged a pick-up spot. i arrived at the designated time in the alley behind his house to pick up my beer to find it was red and covered with animals. I'm not complaining, I was glad to have anything, but I think buying the Schmidts was his way of punishing me for pressuring him into it.

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