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Monday, April 24, 2006

Tonight I enjoy a long delyed treat!

tonight for my fabulus beer blog I bought a bottle of Anchor Brewing Co's Liberty Ale, the side kick to the famous Anchor Steam. I've only had a few sips so far and I am absolutely in love. I'm particularly excited beacuse it reminds me of a recent love afair I had with another beer while I was on vacation in Florida, a topic I am egear to share with the world.

First, in case your not aware the state of Florida is no mans land when it comes to beer. It is truely unbeliveable how bad the situation is. I searched, I asked, I pleeded, I even fucking prayed, but alas Florida had nothing to offer. Here is the selection I was faced with the first night when I walked into a seven eleven. Budwieser, bud light, miller, miller light, bush, bush light, Natural, natural ice, miller genuine draft, wine coolers, and then the last thing I noticed, yuengling !!! This was the situation every where I went in the entire state, except at the liqur store where they had such "premium beers" as Hienekin (way over rated) Corona (nothing special) and bass (good, but not something I traveled all the fuck way to florida to drink).

But I had Yeungling! I realised that it really is a great beer. It's drinkable for a whole evening, everyday of the week, it's a bit dark, preaty mellow, and very comfortable, it's the kind of beer you could settle down with, maybe not for your whole life, but for a good chunk of it. And now drinking this liberty Ale I taste a good bit of what I liked in Yuengling. It's not abrasive, it's strong. but I do belive I could drink it till the cows came home. The carbonation is not just good it incredible. This beer is soft and also pungent, and it's a little bit sour. To me it's what beer is all about!! five stars to Liberty Ale !


Blogger Bridger said...

I had to wiki Yuengling to see if it was beer or a hotdog. Sounds exotic. So you brought me one back, right buddy?

3:02 PM  
Blogger Alise said...

Bridger told me that you might like to try this beer I know called "pussy beer". I can refer you to the right place if this is true.

12:34 PM  
Blogger Felecia said...

You are a beer genius. I need more. Write more. More often.

10:52 AM  

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