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Monday, April 24, 2006

Tonight I enjoy a long delyed treat!

tonight for my fabulus beer blog I bought a bottle of Anchor Brewing Co's Liberty Ale, the side kick to the famous Anchor Steam. I've only had a few sips so far and I am absolutely in love. I'm particularly excited beacuse it reminds me of a recent love afair I had with another beer while I was on vacation in Florida, a topic I am egear to share with the world.

First, in case your not aware the state of Florida is no mans land when it comes to beer. It is truely unbeliveable how bad the situation is. I searched, I asked, I pleeded, I even fucking prayed, but alas Florida had nothing to offer. Here is the selection I was faced with the first night when I walked into a seven eleven. Budwieser, bud light, miller, miller light, bush, bush light, Natural, natural ice, miller genuine draft, wine coolers, and then the last thing I noticed, yuengling !!! This was the situation every where I went in the entire state, except at the liqur store where they had such "premium beers" as Hienekin (way over rated) Corona (nothing special) and bass (good, but not something I traveled all the fuck way to florida to drink).

But I had Yeungling! I realised that it really is a great beer. It's drinkable for a whole evening, everyday of the week, it's a bit dark, preaty mellow, and very comfortable, it's the kind of beer you could settle down with, maybe not for your whole life, but for a good chunk of it. And now drinking this liberty Ale I taste a good bit of what I liked in Yuengling. It's not abrasive, it's strong. but I do belive I could drink it till the cows came home. The carbonation is not just good it incredible. This beer is soft and also pungent, and it's a little bit sour. To me it's what beer is all about!! five stars to Liberty Ale !

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tonight for my post I will drink two beers. Now, I know what your thinking, "doesn't that send a bad image to the youth of the nation?" Well, no. Technicaly, binge drinking is defined aas three or more beers, so with only two beers I feel that there is probably no need for the FBI to perform a warantless search of my home, although if they feel it is nessacary in the interests of national security, they by all means should, beacuse why wouldn't I want to fight terror and build freedom ??

Okay, first up is Sierra nevada's brand new India Pale Ale!!! Naturaly I was excited when I saw that Americas best brewery made a new beer, and doubly so when I saw that it was an india pale one of my favoret styles. I apologise for explaining what you probaly already know, but just incase: The India Pale Ale is a style that comes from when the British still controled India as a colony. the beer was made in England and it was made extra hoppy to survive the journey. Also, the alcohol content was raised quite naturaly beacuse if your going to transport a beer that fuckin far you might as well have some booze in it. If this explaination is actually true, well I can't verifiy, but nonetheless it's the story and the beer world is sticking to it. I don't need a reason for more hops. The beer is good, it's got some hops and more booze than a mickies so watch out. This beer also gives great head and is the most lovely color, but that's a bullshit criteria cause the color of a beer is always good. It makes me think about being a colonial master, Bitching constantly about the ice always running out even though you know damb well it travels hundreds if not thousands of miles to reach you. All this suffering for a decent living and a mean spirited peaty bitch for a wife. Fuch that!

Next up is Thunderhead IPA from Pyramid Breweries. I've never held this brewery to the esteam that I hold Sierra, so my expectations were not as high. It advertises to be "bursting with hops". It does seem to be hoppier than the Sierra, but the hoppylishousness isn't quite right. It's got the bitter tops, but I think it needs more flavor hops and it definately dosen't have the aroma hops that blackfoot IPA has.

So here is the beer blog ranking for IPAs so far 1 Blackfoot IPA 2 Sierra Nevada 3 Thunderhead