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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This evening mickey's fine malt liquir is up for tasting. I bought all the tall boys they had at the store, which was only two. This always fuckin happens and it drives me crazy. They know damb well that they need two rows for mickey's!! Mickey's is by far the best malt liquor on the market! It has a softness to it that caresses like a lovers touch, but also a bold taste that makes you sing out "this is beer, man beer ! " When I drink a can of Mickey's I can only wounder about the people that drink bud light, they probably only undress in the dark. A mickey's man is not afraid to nock over empty beer bottles beacuse his manhood is slangin all over the place, grandma should be in bed at this hour anyways.

they say drinking alone is a sign of alcoholism. If that's so then taking pictures of yourself drinking alone and posting them on the internet must be a desperate cry for help.

but it's not true cause your never alone when you've got the green hornet!


Blogger Bridger said...

Steve, your insights inspire awe, your resolve is of mythic proportion, and your "slangin manhood" instills fear in the heart of men.

10:47 AM  

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