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Monday, March 20, 2006

So I went down to the beer store for some mickeys and thought I would buy a speical beer to share with all the people who fanaticaly view my beer blog each day. I was shocked at the ornateness of some of the spiecialty beers that have become availible to the american consumer and also the prices. I saw ten dollar bottles of beer from france and germany and belguim. I notice an american beer suposedly aged in oak casks ??? ten dollars a bottle! This is truely amazing when you consider that craft beers were virtualy unavailible to most americans ten years ago. Fuck I remember ten years ago when Icehouse was released as a suposed craft beer brewed by plank road brewery and sold in bottles at six bucks a six pack. We've come a long ways. Two more years and maybe we will be able to buy beer Lao ! !!! that's a good enough reason right there to belive in globablization.

Anyways the beer picked turned out to be Celbrator a dopplebock from germany. it came in an 11.2 ouncec bottle, which is teribly ineficent to be shiped from germany as the bottle claims. I've always been teribly sceptical of these claims. Is the beer brewed and bottled in germany normaly but the one I'm about to drink is bottled in new york by the same company. Regardless, It was fantastic. It was dark, but not so overmalted like many american dark beers. It was crisp and delicious and I felt I could probably power it down all night long, a quality just missing from the direction that american micro have gone in which incourages heavier and stronger beers. The only thing I thought was lacking was the carbonation. It had a charicteristic that I've seen in beer I've made before; a carbonation with slightly large overly tingley bubbles, it made it feel like a delicious soda, which makes it not quite perfect.

I went on to drink whyskey with my gun, which naturaly led to building potato people, which always ends when you microwave them and replicate thier screams of agony aas the radiation burns thier flesh.


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