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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tonight I found a bottle of Full sail's old Boarhead Barleywine style ale at the conico, the same famous conico that No Such Thing wrote about in the song "Chronico". I remember seeing it in a friends beer blog and thought i would give it a wak. My first impression was that this shit was liquid fuel, so I rechecked the bottle to make sure and it verified it was in fact beer. It wasn't just the overwelming booze taste I disliked, it was another taste that I couldn't quite finger intill my roomate said it tasted like bananas and that's when i pinned it. I t dosen't taste like real banannas, it tastes like Willy Wonka Bananas, that flavor that only ten percent of the population enjoys and when you were a little kid you always ended up with a bunch of them cause no one wanted to eat the banana lafy tafty! Ohh god I just brped and it was lafty tafy all over again. the only good thing I'm getting out of this is memories of hanging out at the local swiming pool when I was a kid. Remember "now and laters", that was some hard mo fuckin shit! the best thing I can say about the beer; the carbonation seemed good and the color was breathtaking, but everybody knows it's the taste that counts. If your tolling for a barleywine ( a style that is inherantly questionable) I sugest trying a bigfoot barleywine from Sierra Nevada, the California brewery which makes americas best beer the sierra nevada pale ale.

Monday, March 20, 2006

So I went down to the beer store for some mickeys and thought I would buy a speical beer to share with all the people who fanaticaly view my beer blog each day. I was shocked at the ornateness of some of the spiecialty beers that have become availible to the american consumer and also the prices. I saw ten dollar bottles of beer from france and germany and belguim. I notice an american beer suposedly aged in oak casks ??? ten dollars a bottle! This is truely amazing when you consider that craft beers were virtualy unavailible to most americans ten years ago. Fuck I remember ten years ago when Icehouse was released as a suposed craft beer brewed by plank road brewery and sold in bottles at six bucks a six pack. We've come a long ways. Two more years and maybe we will be able to buy beer Lao ! !!! that's a good enough reason right there to belive in globablization.

Anyways the beer picked turned out to be Celbrator a dopplebock from germany. it came in an 11.2 ouncec bottle, which is teribly ineficent to be shiped from germany as the bottle claims. I've always been teribly sceptical of these claims. Is the beer brewed and bottled in germany normaly but the one I'm about to drink is bottled in new york by the same company. Regardless, It was fantastic. It was dark, but not so overmalted like many american dark beers. It was crisp and delicious and I felt I could probably power it down all night long, a quality just missing from the direction that american micro have gone in which incourages heavier and stronger beers. The only thing I thought was lacking was the carbonation. It had a charicteristic that I've seen in beer I've made before; a carbonation with slightly large overly tingley bubbles, it made it feel like a delicious soda, which makes it not quite perfect.

I went on to drink whyskey with my gun, which naturaly led to building potato people, which always ends when you microwave them and replicate thier screams of agony aas the radiation burns thier flesh.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This evening mickey's fine malt liquir is up for tasting. I bought all the tall boys they had at the store, which was only two. This always fuckin happens and it drives me crazy. They know damb well that they need two rows for mickey's!! Mickey's is by far the best malt liquor on the market! It has a softness to it that caresses like a lovers touch, but also a bold taste that makes you sing out "this is beer, man beer ! " When I drink a can of Mickey's I can only wounder about the people that drink bud light, they probably only undress in the dark. A mickey's man is not afraid to nock over empty beer bottles beacuse his manhood is slangin all over the place, grandma should be in bed at this hour anyways.

they say drinking alone is a sign of alcoholism. If that's so then taking pictures of yourself drinking alone and posting them on the internet must be a desperate cry for help.

but it's not true cause your never alone when you've got the green hornet!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

It's the middle of the day and cold. I'm drinking busch left over from binge drinking two nights ago. I didn't drink it last night beacuse I was out binge drinking at Johnny electron's house. We were watching Nickelodian GAS (games and sports). The old games shows GUTS and Legends of the hidden temple serve both as an exciting means by wich you can organize a drinking game and at the same time gamble on the performance of children. present odds are Black kid male 2:1, white girl 10:1. We generally yell some preaty horible things at the children when they fail.

anyways this blog is about beer and my beer drinking. I hope to be faithfull. So far today I have had one and one half cans of Busch beer. I've never been a fan of Busch beer, it tastes like the yeasties are all 6's and 7's.

The best beer I've had lately is an IPA made by Blackfoot Brewery, this shit is fuckin rockin the hops train. It tastes so full of delicious hoppy goodness that you keep feeling around with your tounge for actual pieces of hops beacuse you can't imagine you could get so much hops into a liquid. It's the hoppiest beer I've ever had, and I'm far from scared of this limit being pushed further.

The brewery is in Helena MT
here's what they had to say about it. Personaly I think I explained it beter

Just like Single Malt Scotch, our I.P.A. is brewed from 100% Crisp Maris Otter floor- malted (made by hand!) barley- no specialty malts, no blending. This traditional India Pale Ale is heavily hopped with both Magnum and Cascade hops grown in the Pacific Northwest. Golden in color, refreshing to drink and full of hops, this beer is available from mid-February through mid-September. The alcohol by volume is 6.9%.