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Friday, September 29, 2006

kickin back tonight with a six pack of red hook ESB.
All week I have been thinking of hops. I have been dinking a good bit of guiness lately and although I stand beside my claim that it is the worlds best beer, I must admit that there is another side of my love of beer that is not satisfiyed. Sometimes I need hops and with fall setting in the hops side becomes hungary. Most people think of guiness as a beer suited to the fall and the winter and pale ales as suited to the summer and the spring, but then again most people are hopelessly retarded. No matter how often you tell them that guiness is in fact a light beer and great in the summer, they will not listen. The reason is simple they see black and imediately draw a conclusion that it is just like the micro drewed super stout they drank a year or so ago that was filling and chocolatley and coffeeish. I digress.
Anyways, to fill my needfor hops I whent and purchased some old favorets and another I've drank only once or twice. Of the old favorets I am enjoying one right now, red hook's ESB, which I always thought stood for extra speical bitter, but on this box it said extra special beer ??? It's a great beer from a great brewery started near Seatlle in the year I was born 1982. The hops is not out of control but solid. It's the kinda beer you would take home to meet mom, maybe not your most interesting afair, but It would never steal your car and drive to vegas. It tastes like America should taste, like Europe, but stronger, and not smelly.
Last night I drank a bottle of rogue brewery's Brutal Bitter. I bought it in one of the thirty-twos they use for all their beers besides dead guy. It was a great beer, but it cost over four dollars. The botles look great, but I'm not buying art. I was buying Bitter. The Bitter to dollar ratio was a little off if you catch my drift.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Ohh, it's been a long time children, did you think I ran off with another woman like your daddy did? Ha ! There's no woman for me although I held my own with the this kid who apearantly is an heir to the Wrigley chewing gum fortune. He explained that he had a nice trust fund and I bounced back that I owned my car, she almost went for it. Anyways I digress. It's time for the long awaited first instalation of steve's brewery review.

For memorial day weekend I drove to the wild town of red lodge and I did a big tasting of red lodge ales brewery. Hands down this is the finest brewery in the state of Montana. Your alowed three beers a day from the tasting room, so I had to go back the next day to get in on the goodness. Beers of mention include just about everything, but amoung them, there was a beer refered to as the Glacier ale, the dark beer in the skinny glass. This was a beer dark in color light on gravity and I loved it. It reminded me very much of new belgims 1554 or the german beer I reviewed, celebrator. I give it a big thumbs up. Also, of mention is the IPA a beer style I have a fondness for and this did not disapoint. It had hops comin out the top much like the IPA they make in Helena. As I drank my way down the taps the thing that stood out was the consistency of the quality. There were aq few beers that I didn't even want to bother with ie. the Czechmate pilsner and another called reserve ale, that I heard was light, but I'm happy I didn't skip them because they were excelent beers. One of the best things about the tap room wa the overwelming local suport. They have rather restrictive hours, four to eight in the afternoon, but it seems like the people work their schedule around them and the place is hoping! Most customers brought their growlers along for the ride!!

It was a subime place to go after an afternoon skiing in the beartooths after we got hit with a great snowstorm. Afterwards we went and bet on pigs at the pig races and then to the infamous snow creek saloon were all hell came out. I from what I remember I wasn't just standing on a table I was walking from table to table, beer in hand no doubt. Red lodge is like shooting smack, If you do it more than once or twice a year without doubt you would loose control and wake up on the street saying "how did I get here?"

Just a note !!
on the 22nd of Jully the flaming lips are playing along with ween in Berkey California. I'm thinking about going and if anyone else feels like this is a must do event they should send me a line. I got some willy wonka goggles, I've been ichin to rock out with.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Tonight for my beer blog I have chosen a clasic american beer, Schmidts. I did a bit of reasearch into the Heileman brewing co. this powerhouse was purchased in the early nineties by strohs brewing co and then just recently purchasded by pabst brewing co. I have been an admirer of schmidts since my early teens and everytime I crack one open I can't help but think of forbiden communtions behind the locked door of my bedroom. Sometimes I would steal one or two a night and save them up untill I had about six and then power drink them. They say the ealier a person starts drinking the more likely they will develop a problem with alcohol. check your cause and efect ehh. Just another example of christian persecution,don't kid yourself they won't stop untill new york city looks like tehran. Sorry I 've digressed.
Anyways part of the reason I bought schmidts today is that last night we were at the eagle's club and Schmidts is the special for a buck twenty five a can (what a deal, think I'll go back tonight) And so last night I finaly made my peice with schmidts after a long standing feud. About four years ago schmidts decided to change their can. Changing the animal on the can is nothing new for schmidts, infact the cans change animals seasonaly. This time hower they changed the color scheme. This, was in my mind a grave violation of my childhood in line with releasing a version of "wooly willy" with a penis in his mouth. To make things worse the animal they selected to start this scheme was some kind of a wild cat. It had the efect of dressing up grandma in a florescent pink mini skirt and pushing her out onto the curb. bad bad taste.
Sorry, I digress, last night schimdts apologised, I accepted and life is good again. Three cheers to the old, the crippled, and the deranged !!!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Tonight I enjoy a long delyed treat!

tonight for my fabulus beer blog I bought a bottle of Anchor Brewing Co's Liberty Ale, the side kick to the famous Anchor Steam. I've only had a few sips so far and I am absolutely in love. I'm particularly excited beacuse it reminds me of a recent love afair I had with another beer while I was on vacation in Florida, a topic I am egear to share with the world.

First, in case your not aware the state of Florida is no mans land when it comes to beer. It is truely unbeliveable how bad the situation is. I searched, I asked, I pleeded, I even fucking prayed, but alas Florida had nothing to offer. Here is the selection I was faced with the first night when I walked into a seven eleven. Budwieser, bud light, miller, miller light, bush, bush light, Natural, natural ice, miller genuine draft, wine coolers, and then the last thing I noticed, yuengling !!! This was the situation every where I went in the entire state, except at the liqur store where they had such "premium beers" as Hienekin (way over rated) Corona (nothing special) and bass (good, but not something I traveled all the fuck way to florida to drink).

But I had Yeungling! I realised that it really is a great beer. It's drinkable for a whole evening, everyday of the week, it's a bit dark, preaty mellow, and very comfortable, it's the kind of beer you could settle down with, maybe not for your whole life, but for a good chunk of it. And now drinking this liberty Ale I taste a good bit of what I liked in Yuengling. It's not abrasive, it's strong. but I do belive I could drink it till the cows came home. The carbonation is not just good it incredible. This beer is soft and also pungent, and it's a little bit sour. To me it's what beer is all about!! five stars to Liberty Ale !

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Tonight for my post I will drink two beers. Now, I know what your thinking, "doesn't that send a bad image to the youth of the nation?" Well, no. Technicaly, binge drinking is defined aas three or more beers, so with only two beers I feel that there is probably no need for the FBI to perform a warantless search of my home, although if they feel it is nessacary in the interests of national security, they by all means should, beacuse why wouldn't I want to fight terror and build freedom ??

Okay, first up is Sierra nevada's brand new India Pale Ale!!! Naturaly I was excited when I saw that Americas best brewery made a new beer, and doubly so when I saw that it was an india pale one of my favoret styles. I apologise for explaining what you probaly already know, but just incase: The India Pale Ale is a style that comes from when the British still controled India as a colony. the beer was made in England and it was made extra hoppy to survive the journey. Also, the alcohol content was raised quite naturaly beacuse if your going to transport a beer that fuckin far you might as well have some booze in it. If this explaination is actually true, well I can't verifiy, but nonetheless it's the story and the beer world is sticking to it. I don't need a reason for more hops. The beer is good, it's got some hops and more booze than a mickies so watch out. This beer also gives great head and is the most lovely color, but that's a bullshit criteria cause the color of a beer is always good. It makes me think about being a colonial master, Bitching constantly about the ice always running out even though you know damb well it travels hundreds if not thousands of miles to reach you. All this suffering for a decent living and a mean spirited peaty bitch for a wife. Fuch that!

Next up is Thunderhead IPA from Pyramid Breweries. I've never held this brewery to the esteam that I hold Sierra, so my expectations were not as high. It advertises to be "bursting with hops". It does seem to be hoppier than the Sierra, but the hoppylishousness isn't quite right. It's got the bitter tops, but I think it needs more flavor hops and it definately dosen't have the aroma hops that blackfoot IPA has.

So here is the beer blog ranking for IPAs so far 1 Blackfoot IPA 2 Sierra Nevada 3 Thunderhead

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tonight I found a bottle of Full sail's old Boarhead Barleywine style ale at the conico, the same famous conico that No Such Thing wrote about in the song "Chronico". I remember seeing it in a friends beer blog and thought i would give it a wak. My first impression was that this shit was liquid fuel, so I rechecked the bottle to make sure and it verified it was in fact beer. It wasn't just the overwelming booze taste I disliked, it was another taste that I couldn't quite finger intill my roomate said it tasted like bananas and that's when i pinned it. I t dosen't taste like real banannas, it tastes like Willy Wonka Bananas, that flavor that only ten percent of the population enjoys and when you were a little kid you always ended up with a bunch of them cause no one wanted to eat the banana lafy tafty! Ohh god I just brped and it was lafty tafy all over again. the only good thing I'm getting out of this is memories of hanging out at the local swiming pool when I was a kid. Remember "now and laters", that was some hard mo fuckin shit! the best thing I can say about the beer; the carbonation seemed good and the color was breathtaking, but everybody knows it's the taste that counts. If your tolling for a barleywine ( a style that is inherantly questionable) I sugest trying a bigfoot barleywine from Sierra Nevada, the California brewery which makes americas best beer the sierra nevada pale ale.

Monday, March 20, 2006

So I went down to the beer store for some mickeys and thought I would buy a speical beer to share with all the people who fanaticaly view my beer blog each day. I was shocked at the ornateness of some of the spiecialty beers that have become availible to the american consumer and also the prices. I saw ten dollar bottles of beer from france and germany and belguim. I notice an american beer suposedly aged in oak casks ??? ten dollars a bottle! This is truely amazing when you consider that craft beers were virtualy unavailible to most americans ten years ago. Fuck I remember ten years ago when Icehouse was released as a suposed craft beer brewed by plank road brewery and sold in bottles at six bucks a six pack. We've come a long ways. Two more years and maybe we will be able to buy beer Lao ! !!! that's a good enough reason right there to belive in globablization.

Anyways the beer picked turned out to be Celbrator a dopplebock from germany. it came in an 11.2 ouncec bottle, which is teribly ineficent to be shiped from germany as the bottle claims. I've always been teribly sceptical of these claims. Is the beer brewed and bottled in germany normaly but the one I'm about to drink is bottled in new york by the same company. Regardless, It was fantastic. It was dark, but not so overmalted like many american dark beers. It was crisp and delicious and I felt I could probably power it down all night long, a quality just missing from the direction that american micro have gone in which incourages heavier and stronger beers. The only thing I thought was lacking was the carbonation. It had a charicteristic that I've seen in beer I've made before; a carbonation with slightly large overly tingley bubbles, it made it feel like a delicious soda, which makes it not quite perfect.

I went on to drink whyskey with my gun, which naturaly led to building potato people, which always ends when you microwave them and replicate thier screams of agony aas the radiation burns thier flesh.